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Measuring Development

A new paper by Martin Ravallion from the World Bank. The basic idea – the UN HDI formulation has changed but remains arbitrary. SSRN link

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Dead Aid – The Short Version

Her 2009 Wall Street Journal article, based on her book “Dead Aid”, on the negative role of foreign aid.

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Will Ireland stay in the Euro?

Not my area of expertise, but an interesting dichotomy that might be of interest to my Global Governance students. Will Ireland stay with the euro? And how much can they extract from the rest of Europe to get them to … Continue reading

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Economic White Papers – The Grand Challenges

A variety of leading economists present their opinions on the key issues for research in the social sciences. Link The importance of institutions, both formal and informal, and their interaction, are highlighted in the essays by Acemoglu, Alesina, and Samuelson, … Continue reading

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The Right Price of Food

An interesting paper on how the fluctuations in the commodities markets are reported in the development literature. Abstract – by Johan F.M. Swinnen Only a few years ago the widely shared view was that low food prices were a curse … Continue reading

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