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Intrinsic Motivation and Health Care

When do extrinsic and intrinsic motivation conflict? Health care seems like a natural spot to look for – though it may be reasonable to think about this as image motivation having a larger effect than extrinsic motivation. “Information and Quality … Continue reading

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Taxation and Development

A new paper by Besley and Persson illuminating the relationship between development and patterns of taxation. A quick summary from the conclusion of the paper: “As a state moves from collecting a low level of public revenue of around 10% … Continue reading

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Assessing Trustworthiness

Why are some people more trusting than others? From a new CEPR paper by Jeff Butler, Paola Giuliano and Luigi Guiso: “we show that individuals extrapolate from their own type when forming trust beliefs about the same pool of potential … Continue reading

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Determinants of Democracy

From Nathan Nunn and Paola Giuliano Abstract We provide evidence that a history of democracy at the local level is associated with contemporary democracy at the national level. Auxiliary estimates show that a tradition of local democracy is also associated … Continue reading

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Technological Diffusion

In Economic Growth, we are focusing on technology, efficiency and productivity tomorrow. Here is a current related paper from the Centre for Economic Policy Research. From the Abstract “We find significant evidence that technology diffuses slower to locations that are … Continue reading

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