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A Change in Role

As of July 1st, I am no longer the Undergraduate Program Director in Economics at Laurier, and later this summer, I will also end my term as Undergraduate Program Director in Business. My primary focus this year is the redevelopment … Continue reading

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Misconduct in Credence Good Markets

Some students in my EC470 class may be interested in this paper. Abstract We study how monitoring, expert skill and consumer awareness affect the level of misconduct in markets with asymmetric information and price-taking experts. Theoretical predictions show that experts … Continue reading

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Ecology, Trade and States

A new paper by James Fenske at Oxford on the origins of institutional structures. Abstract State capacity matters for growth. I test Bates’ explanation of pre-colonial African states. He argues that trade across ecological boundaries promoted states. I find that … Continue reading

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Aid Effectiveness – A New Scorecard

The Centre for Global Development has published a new collection of measures related to aid effectiveness, along with a web-based tool for looking at different dimensions of aid. Remarkably, Canada is almost exactly average, not just in total, but also … Continue reading

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Measuring Development

A new paper by Martin Ravallion from the World Bank. The basic idea – the UN HDI formulation has changed but remains arbitrary. SSRN link

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Economic White Papers – The Grand Challenges

A variety of leading economists present their opinions on the key issues for research in the social sciences. Link The importance of institutions, both formal and informal, and their interaction, are highlighted in the essays by Acemoglu, Alesina, and Samuelson, … Continue reading

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