This course is normally taught by Horatiu Rus at the University of Waterloo. I taught the course in Winter 2011 while he was on leave. Most of the material in the section is not generally available to protect the privacy of students in that course. If you want details about course material, please contact me.

The 2011 courses syllabus is available here.

Balsillie School calendar description

This is the core economics course for the graduate program in Global Governance. The class will cover the basic theories of international trade and international finance, as essential stepping stones for an informed analysis of global economic issues. After establishing these foundations, the class will move on to discuss international policy issues. The inefficiency of the lack of cooperation in international trade policy making and the need for multilateral negotiations have long been recognized. However, there is still a significant amount of debate with respect to the specific features of the multilateral trading architecture. The importance of coordination on monetary and financial issues is emphasized by the fragility of the current system. This is showcased by the frequency and rapid global contagion characterizing modern financial crises, and in view of the most recent episodes especially, is a topic of vivid contention. Chronic underdevelopment in many areas of the world is also recognized as a global issue requiring global solutions, while international environmental coordination is becoming increasingly regarded as a precondition for effectively addressing issues ranging from transboundary resource depletion to global warming. These will constitute the main policy areas explored in the second part of the course.

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